Rep. Mike Turner: Expect ‘Wild West’ Spending Spree if Dems Lose House

Rep. Mike Turner: Expect 'Wild West' Spending Spree if Dems Lose House

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By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 02 October 2022 04:28 PM EDT

Democrats will stage a "Wild West" spending spree in Washington if Republicans win the House in November while trying to push through every package they can before having to relinquish their gavels, Rep. Mike Turner said Sunday.

"They're going to see this as an opportunity to get through a bunch of things they've been waiting patiently on the sides to get done," the Ohio Republican told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures." "We're going to see some unbelievable contortions by Democrats to get things over the line before they lose power."

The extra spending will come while President Joe Biden blames Republicans for the national deficit and inflation, noted Bartiromo, but Turner said it's clear to see how out of control Democrat spending has been under his White House.

"We can see it in the grocery store and at the gas pump, the effects of his out-of-control spending," said Turner. "You can't say [you're] going to spend $10 trillion, then spend $9 trillion, and then say, 'I saved you a trillion.' That's what he's doing, and now he's raising the interest rates on families and businesses, which is only going to result in a recession."

Turner also on Sunday panned the Biden administration's foreign policy moves on Russia, Iran, China and more.

Where Russia is concerned, President Vladimir Putin's fiery speech last week likely reflects more of his thinking than other declarations he's made, and the Biden administration must heed his warning signs, Turner said.

"This administration needs to step up its game on missile defense," he added. "We have assets in Europe. We need to engage them so that they can provide protection to our allies, including Ukraine. We need to move other missile defense as assets into the area, so that we're not just a casual observer if Putin makes good on these threats and we see the use of these catastrophic weapons."

Meanwhile, when it comes to North Korea, Vice President Kamala Harris was "out of her realm" with her visit to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

"She is confused on many things," he said. "When she goes into any international situation, it's as if it's the first time she's ever heard of it, which is very dangerous for someone in the vice president's position, to be learning on the job."

Turner said he has visited the region, and said he knows from experience that there are significant briefings one must go through, but he doesn't think Harris was listening.

The White House is also in trouble with China, Turner said, calling its policies in "shambles."

"They've been fearful to even continue policies from the prior administration, claiming that in their wokeness that they're concerned that they could be targeting individuals," he said. "Well, of course, they would be targeting our adversary, China."

The administration is "not doing anything" to try to stop China's threats to Taiwan, including echoing Russia's threats by promising "unbelievable consequences" against anyone who opposes them.

"That's the same type of language you're getting out of Russia," he said. "You're seeing where the gap in what the administration is doing to try to deter these two aggressive nations and authoritarian regimes."

When it comes to Iran, the administration's policies are "misplaced," Turner said.

"While they're strengthening the Iranian regime, the Iranian regime is under attack from its own people," said Turner, adding that Iran nuclear deal, which former President Donald Trump stopped, "was not serving Israel and our allies in the area. It was permitting Iran to continue its march to place the United States at risk."

Biden wants to reenter the agreement, but "going back into a failed deal does not protect the United States, said Turner.

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