Rep. Mullin to Newsmax: Biden’s Speech Meant to Give False Impression of Strength

Rep. Mullin to Newsmax: Biden's Speech Meant to Give False Impression of Strength (Newsmax/''Rob Schmitt Tonight'')

By Jeremy Frankel | Tuesday, 06 September 2022 08:52 PM EDT

Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., blasted President Joe Biden for his speech calling ''MAGA Republicans'' the biggest threat to democracy in this country, telling Newsmax on Tuesday that the statement is ''dangerous in itself.''

''I think President Biden owes every patriot American out there that's from a red state that voted for President Trump an apology, and he should do it now,'' Mullin told ''Rob Schmitt Tonight.''

''The guy ran on unity, and here he is dividing the country by calling us the biggest threat,'' he continued.

What is wrong with just loving America and believing in the Constitution, Mullin asked rhetorically.

He added that Biden's speech, coupled with the red lighting and military in the background, is meant to give Americans the impression that Biden is strong, but the American people know that he is weak.

''The American people don't trust him. … The idea of us going to conflict with this president scares the daylights out of people, so they're trying to change his image,'' Mullin said.

Mullin is running for Senate in the special general election on Nov. 8.


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