Rep. Ronny Jackson to Newsmax: Will Hold FBI, DOJ Accountable After Midterms

Rep. Ronny Jackson to Newsmax: Will Hold FBI, DOJ Accountable After Midterms (Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

By Jack Gournell | Thursday, 15 September 2022 08:39 PM EDT

Had the FBI more fully investigated the Hunter Biden laptop case, the outcome of the 2020 election would have been completely different, Rep. Ronny Jackson tells Newsmax.

But top officials at the Justice Department and FBI want to harm former President Donald Trump and boost the Biden family, and Republicans will hold them accountable once they regain control of the House of Representatives, Jackson said Thursday on "Rob Schmitt Tonight."

"They have been trying to destroy this man [Trump] since he walked down that escalator, and this is just evidence of what's been going on to do that," Jackson told host Rob Schmitt.

"I mean, we've had people in the FBI and DOJ ever since that day that have made it their mission to destroy this man and to prop up people like the Biden family … and cover up a lot of the corruption involved … in this particular family so that it could accomplish this mission," he added.

Jackson said Republicans in Congress don't yet have all the answers, but will be holding investigations as soon as they take over the House.

Jackson agreed that the greater majority of agents are hardworking and patriotic, but that a handful of the leadership is the problem.

The "cancer" has hopefully been identified, the former chief medical adviser to the president said, "but we failed to cut it out. Nobody's ever held responsible for the stuff that happens there."

Expect a lot of whistleblowers to come out when the GOP takes the House back, as expected, he said.

"The whistleblowers are going to come out of the woodwork," Jackson said.

The agency has been politicized and weaponized against its political opponents, he said. "In this particular case, President Trump and anybody who supported President Trump or has anything to do with President Trump."

Jackson added, "There's nothing they won't do to try to bring President Trump and his supporters down, and this is just evidence of that. But we will get to the bottom of this and there will people that are going to be held responsible."


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