Rep. Roy to Newsmax: Southern Border Crisis A ‘Political Game for Democrats’

Rep. Roy to Newsmax: Southern Border Crisis A 'Political Game for Democrats' (Newsmax/"Spicer & Co.")

By Jay Clemons | Tuesday, 20 September 2022 07:07 PM EDT

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, didn't see the humor in President Joe Biden's remarks from Tuesday, quipping that Delaware "has a beautiful shoreline," when asked if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was planning to send illegal immigrants to the president's home state.

Biden's response was a "perfect example of how [immigration] is a political game for Democrats," and migrants are "dying as a result," Roy told Newsmax Tuesday evening, while appearing on "Spicer & Co." with host Sean Spicer.

When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida's DeSantis shipped approximately 50 migrants to the Massachusetts beach community of Martha's Vineyard last week, Roy reasons it brought attention to the every-day chaos along the United States-Mexico border.

From Roy's perspective, the Republican governors "exposed the hypocrisy" of the Democrat-controlled cities and states which previously trumpeted its "sanctuary" status, only to have Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker call in the National Guard to remove the migrants from Martha's Vineyard after less than 48 hours.

Abbott and DeSantis made the immigration issue "front and center" nationally, says Roy.

However, instead of Democrats heeding that lesson, Roy says their main takeaway from the Martha's Vineyard incident was, 'Hey, we made [the migrants] some sandwiches. Now, let's get 'em off the island.'

Overall, Roy says the Martha's Vineyard episode put a public face on the Democrats' indifference toward southern border issues.

"Some little girl is getting raped [along the border] right now, because of this administration," says Roy, who oversees Texas' 21st Congressional District, covering a large swath of land between Austin and San Antonio.

The Texas Republican also took exception to his GOP colleagues Tuesday, for letting Democrats and the Biden administration get away with "reckless" border policies, primarily providing opposition that amounts to "lip service."

"[The Biden administration is] using exceptions to swallow the whole of border security," says Roy, while alleging illegal immigrants aren't even claiming asylum anymore at the border, since they've been told border officials will largely stand down on conducting extensive captures and seizures.

"The American people demand we stop this," says Roy, while pledging substantial investigative oversight changes next year, if Republicans take over the House chamber in the upcoming midterm elections (Nov. 8).

"[Democrats] are purposely lying about the border. … These are impeachable acts," says Roy.

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