Rep. Troy Nehls to Newsmax: Special Master a ‘Step in Right Direction’

Rep. Troy Nehls to Newsmax: Special Master a 'Step in Right Direction' (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 06 September 2022 01:03 PM EDT

It was important to grant an independent review of the documents seized in the Aug. 8 FBI raid of former President Donald Trump's home, considering the Department of Justice and the FBI have been "going after" him for years, Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, told Newsmax.

"They're going after him again," Nehls told Tuesday's "National Report." "Think about it: He's been out of office 20 months and the DOJ and the FBI are still attempting to destroy this guy."

Nehls does not think the American people and Trump supporters can trust federal law enforcement as a result of the investigations against the former president being "filled with lies."

"They're going after him again, so I think this special master is a step in the right direction and maybe can give the American people a little bit of hope and confidence," the congressman said. "And we've got to get rid of this two-tier justice system."

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden's "angry" speech last week at Independence Hall, during which he slammed "MAGA" Republicans, was a move to motivate the Democratic Party base because "he knows it's not looking good for his party in the midterms," Nehls said.

"It's not looking good for Joe to get reelected and everything is about Donald Trump," he added. "It's interesting the Democrats don't talk about anybody in the Republican Party, other than Donald Trump."

Biden knows if Trump runs again in 2024, he will be the nominee, Nehls continued.

"Joe understands he won't beat him in a fair election in 2024," Nehls said. "He's trying to destroy him, and he's getting the DOJ and FBI to help him."

In other matters, Nehls on Monday discussed the ongoing immigration crisis, including the news this weekend that nine migrants died while trying to cross the Rio Grande River.

"It's sad to think that many of them lost their lives attempting to come here, but that's what you get when you have a president of the United States inviting people from across the globe to enter our country," Nehls said. "People are dying, swimming trying to get across."

But then there are tens of thousands of Americans dying from fentanyl overdoses because the border is not secure, Nehls lamented.

"This crisis was started by Joe Biden and his administration," Nehls said.

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has come under attack from the mayors of New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., for sending immigrants by bus to the sanctuary cities, but Nehls said he does not think enough buses are being sent.

"We have 10,000 coming through our southern border here in the great state of Texas every day," said Nehls, adding he would be willing to sponsor some of the costs to keep sending more migrants north.


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