Report: 4 Nebraska GOP Senators Want Probe of State’s Education Department

Report: 4 Nebraska GOP Senators Want Probe of State's Education Department Nebraska sign Nebraska sign (Marek Uliasz/

By Solange Reyner | Thursday, 13 October 2022 02:04 PM EDT

Four Nebraska state senators are calling for an investigation into the Department of Education's alleged promotion of Critical Race Theory and potential inappropriate sex education curriculum, reports the Daily Caller.

The move follows the release of a document titled, "Winning Racial Justice in Our Schools; Resisting the Right Wing Attacks on Critical Race Theory," that offers talking points for "communities advocating for anti-racist schools" responding to attacks on CRT.

"Right-wing conservatives are using simple sound bites that are based in falsehoods, activate people's fears, and reinforce biases," it states. "In advocating for schools to #TeachTruth, we must use a simple, powerful message that is based in truth, activates people's vision for what our schools can be, and reinforces the desire for justice and solidarity."

State Sens. Steve Erdman, Joni Albrecht, Steve Halloran, and Dave Murman, all Republicans, are behind the effort calling on the Nebraska Legislature to probe the Education Department.

"Parents, not educators, are responsible for the teaching of children," Erdman said. "Public schools should educate children on the facts of history, not indoctrinate them with Critical Race Theory, which deliberately distorts these facts in order to push an erroneous Left-wing, Woke narrative about our nation's founding, its history, and its heritage."

"Due to the recent underhanded tactics of the Department of Education to reform Nebraska's sex-ed curriculum, I believe an investigation into teaching CRT in Nebraska's public schools is now warranted," Erdman continued.

The PDF document alleges that the effort to oppose CRT "has been conceived by former Trump strategists, funded by billionaire donors throwing tens of millions of dollars at the misinformation campaign, and managed by some of the same right-wing organizations driving racist voter suppression laws across the country."

Murman said any promotion of comprehensive sex education and critical race theory in Nebraska's public schools "must be rooted out."

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