RNC Co-chair to Newsmax: ‘Republicans Need to Fire the Democrats’

RNC Co-chair to Newsmax: 'Republicans Need to Fire the Democrats' (Newsmax/"Spicer & Co.")

By Luca Cacciatore | Monday, 07 November 2022 11:12 PM EST

Tommy Hicks Jr., co-chairman of the Republican National Committee, told Newsmax that the party "needs to fire the Democrats" on Tuesday’s midterm elections.

During a Monday appearance on "Spicer & Co.," Hicks said that if he brought home the Democrats' "report card" from the last two years, "my parents would ground me."

"People are mad about gas prices, about crime, about open borders, and I think that’s what our candidates are going to run on and win on tomorrow," Hicks emphasized.

Meanwhile, the top RNC official said inroads with the Hispanic, Black, and Asian communities are only partially the result of heavy investment, with the rest being due to candidates "running with messages that sell to the American people."

"Under [former] President Trump's leadership and Republican leadership, we had record-low unemployment. Real wage growth. We had secure borders. We had less crime," Hicks explained. "There's a stark contrast between what we have right now, with one-party rules in Washington, D.C., and what we just had a few years ago."

Hicks also deflected rumors that Trump would announce a run for president in 2024 Monday night, or the possibility it could affect the midterm results, arguing that the Republicans are "laser-focused" on the elections.

The RNC wants candidates "talking about Republican issues that we can win on, so we can take back control of the House and Senate. And that's what I would hope everyone's focused on," added Hicks.

Speaking of the upcoming elections, Hicks suggested that Republicans have had "record turnout in Georgia" and could even win Florida's Miami-Dade County.

"I know we're going to win the House back. I know we're going to win the Senate back. I know we're going to make some surprises with governors' races," Hicks declared. "The people of Michigan want their state back. The people of New York want their state back."


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