RNC’s Danielle Alvarez to Newsmax: Nazi Germany Talk ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’

RNC's Danielle Alvarez to Newsmax: Nazi Germany Talk 'Absolutely Ridiculous' (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Brian Pfail | Tuesday, 08 November 2022 02:44 PM EST

House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., compared American Democracy to Nazi Germany, which RNC Communications Director Danielle Alvarez calls "absolutely ridiculous" hyperbolic rhetoric of Democrat politicians.

"Listen, those remarks are absolutely ridiculous," Alvarez told Newsmax's "National Report" on Tuesday. "We know that is Democrats' closing argument. Joe Biden just delivered those same remarks a couple of days ago. It was the same speech that he gave a month prior, but it was with a red doom and gloom backdrop."

President Biden, in a speech to the nation, declared "MAGA Republicans" to be a threat to Democracy. Since then, Democrats have been running on the claim.

"Americans care about table issues; that is what this election is about," Alvarez said. "It is a referendum on Democrats' failure, and it is an opportunity to vote for what Republicans have to offer."

Alvarez showed confidence in Republican nominees, asserting they would take back the House and the Senate.

"We're going to close our border," she said. "We're going to restore our economy. We're going to stop fentanyl from pouring in. We're going to restore parents' rights in their kids' education."

The RNC communications director also commented on the incorrectly labeled dates on ballots in Pennsylvania. Senate candidate Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman filed a lawsuit over the undated mail-in ballots, challenging Pennsylvania's law not to count undated or wrongly dated ballots.

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court ruled against counting illegal ballots but reiterated the board of elections is entitled to notify voters that filed misdated ballots to allow them to correct the mistakes before election day.

"The law is very simple – you must date your ballot," Alvarez aid. "That is what Pennsylvania law says, and we have to follow the rules of the contest. We cannot change the rules of the contest and have some countries counting undated ballots, [while] others not."

"The RNC has 80,000 poll watchers and poll workers as a part of our election integrity program," Alvarez said. "We are all about transparency. We want to make sure that this election is administered according to the law and we get timely results."

She said the RNC has 90 attorneys, including hundreds of volunteer attorneys in support of the effort. Alvarez thanked former President Donald Trump for campaigning for candidates and raising money for the RNC and sister committees.


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