Ronny Jackson to Newsmax: GOP Would Beat Dems in ‘Good Vs. Evil’ Comparison

Ronny Jackson to Newsmax: GOP Would Beat Dems in 'Good Vs. Evil' Comparison (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Jay Clemons | Monday, 24 October 2022 09:50 PM EDT

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, and Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, didn't shy away from responding to the New York Times' thinly veiled attempt to paint Trump supporters, or America First/MAGA House, Senate, or gubernatorial candidates, as hate-filled extremists or perhaps even devil worshippers.

"This is crazy. Just another example of the New York Times being completely out of touch with the American people," Jackson told Newsmax Monday evening, while appearing on "Eric Bolling The Balance."

With just 15 days before the midterm elections (Nov. 8), Jackson asserts that Democrats and left-leaning media are desperately trying to "villainize Republicans" in the runup to Election Day.

"If [Democrats and the media] want to make this [election] a fight of Good vs. Evil, I'll accept that [challenge] any day of the week," says Jackson, who's vying for reelection and also promoting a book, "Holding The Line: A Lifetime Defending Democracy and American Values," detailing his White House experiences as chief physician for both Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

From Jackson's perspective, the "good vs. evil" fight has no real gray area. Republicans support enhancing the freedoms of their constituents and honoring the U.S. Constitution.

Conversely, most Democrats, according to Jackson, favor late-term abortions, indoctrinating school children with Critical Race Theory teachings, and "chemically castrating" other people's children — in terms of encouraging minors to consider gender-altering surgeries.

"Every single day, Republicans would win that fight," says Jackson,. "Just look at the garbage" Democrats are touting before Election Day.

Fallon echoes the sentiment of his Texas congressional compatriot.

Regarding the Times labeling him in the "devil terms" article, Fallon shot back with, "If you're for limited government, lower taxes, and reasonable regulations, you're an extremist [in their eyes]. If you believe in the Constitution, you're a fascist. If you're successful, you must have been exploiting [others] as a capitalist," he told Newsmax.

At the same time, Fallon wasn't too surprised by the Times' narrative leap. He cited an unnamed poll where only 36% of respondents had a positive assessment of the national media — and Fallon said the favorability numbers were even lower among Republicans (11%) and independent voters (34%).

"The media has become the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party," says Fallon.


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