Sebastian Gorka: US Should Stand With Ukraine, Reagan Would

Sebastian Gorka: US Should Stand With Ukraine, Reagan Would (Newsmax/"The Gorka Reality Check")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 06 November 2022 08:15 PM EST

The late President Ronald Reagan would have supported Ukraine in its fight against Russia, and modern-day America should as well, Sebastian Gorka, the deputy assistant for strategy under former President Donald Trump, argued Sunday on Newsmax.

"Conservatives today, those who say Ukraine doesn't matter, what if Reagan were the president, would they say the same thing to Ronald Reagan?" Gorka said during the monologue to his program, "The Gorka Reality Check," which airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET. "Would they say 'oh, no, please Ronnie, don't irritate Moscow?' He would laugh in their faces."

Gorka said conservative talk show host Mark Levin posed the question during a panel discussion the two were involved in last week in California, along with Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, and Larry Elder, and he felt the question was a vital one.

Reagan, Gorka said, "pushed back on communism everywhere, in Latin America with the Sandinistas; in Afghanistan against the Soviets, who had more nuclear weapons back then, and across the planet."

He also noted, in 1776, the American Revolution's patriots could not have defeated England without the help of the French, so "if 1776 matters to you, so should Ukraine."

The United States must also continue to support Ukraine as a "question of honor," according to Gorka.

"In 1994, we, America, along with the U.K. and Russia, signed the Budapest Memorandum in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons to Russia," Gorka said. "At that time, Ukraine was the third-biggest nuclear power in the world, after the former Soviet Union and America."

In exchange, the United States and the British agreed to protect Ukraine from Moscow.

"If they had kept those nuclear weapons against our wishes they never would have been invaded," Gorka said.

The Trump White House was not interventionist, but still understood that bullies must be dealt with, and countries that are fighting for their freedom should be supported, he concluded.

"We should help them fight for themselves with ammunition, not pallets of cash like the crazy Biden administration," Gorka said.


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