Sen. Braun to Newsmax: Accusations Against Trump A Diversion

Sen. Braun to Newsmax: Accusations Against Trump A Diversion

(Newsmax/"National Report")

By Brian Freeman | Wednesday, 21 September 2022 08:36 PM EDT

New York Attorney General Letitia James' announcement that the state was filing suit against former President Donald Trump, his company and family members for fraud is an attempt by Democrats to draw attention away from the failures of the current administration ahead of the midterm elections, Sen. Mike Braun told Newsmax on Wednesday.

The Indiana Republican said "National Report," "The Democrats are going to do everything they can to distract what ought to be a platter of opportunity for us and bring it back to President Trump."

Braun insisted that the entire attempt appeared to be coordinated to help the chances of the Democratic Party in the November elections, as the senator tied it together with the Department of Justice investigation of the classified documents it accuses Trump of retaining illegally at his Mar-a-Lago home.

Braun also commented on President Joe Biden's speech Wednesday at the U.N. General Assembly, saying that he had a problem with the president's statement that "whatever happens, we're are going to be the backstop."

The Indiana senator said, "That's exactly what's wrong with many of these engagements, especially when you got the backyard interest of the E.U. that should be shouldering it."

Braun also said he had problems with some of the other commitments Biden alluded to in his speech, accusing his administration and the Democrats of "throwing around billions [of dollars] like it's chump change."

The senator questioned how all of this gets paid for, especially when the Biden administration's policies have put our economy in peril.

Commenting on the discussions about the possibility of nuclear war, Braun said, "None of this kind of stuff happened in the previous administration because there was a general feeling that we would be firm. We would not tolerate some of the things that incrementally would lead to a pickle like this."

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