Texas State Rep. Harrison to Newsmax: Deferring to CDC Dereliction of Duty

Texas State Rep. Harrison to Newsmax: Deferring to CDC Dereliction of Duty (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Theodore Bunker | Friday, 21 October 2022 02:27 PM EDT

Texas state Rep. Brian Harrison, a Republican, claimed on Newsmax on Friday that governors who defer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on student healthcare issues are "derelict in their duty."

Harrison, who previously worked in the Department of Health and Human Services under former President Donald Trump, said on "National Report" that he opposes the CDC’s recent COVID-19 vaccination recommendation.

"I absolutely do not agree with this recommendation," he said. "I mean, this is an example of just the rank hypocrisy from the Democrat Joe Biden administration and quite frankly their allies in a lot of the major media outlets in America. It was exactly two years ago in October of 2020 when I was having to deal with CNN and all these other major media outlets saying that if we in the Trump administration bypassed the normal processes here and approved vaccines without mountains of robust data, something by the way we were gathering, that would be a quote worst-case scenario for public health."

Harrison said, "And now we have the Biden administration and Joe Biden CDC, the most political and anti-science CDC in history, making recommendations for every school child in America to get a COVID vaccine, and they did this without a shred of clinical data. They did this without any evidence of any efficacy in that population of children. There's never been a vaccine put on that childhood immunization schedule absent that type of data."

He went on to claim "that the bigger point here is that … no matter what the CDC said, you have no obligation whatsoever to follow these recommendations. And I'd go further and say not only do you not have an obligation to follow, any governor who blindly defers to the CDC on health-care mandates for their schoolchildren is derelict in their duty.

"I would say that every state legislature in America that blindly defers, or lets any state agency blindly defer to the unelected bureaucrats in the CDC to make healthcare decisions and force shots into children, a decision that should be made by parents and doctors, not by unelected bureaucrats. They would be derelict in their duty."


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