Trump to Newsmax: Will Be ‘Very Big Night’ — If No Fraud

Trump to Newsmax: Will Be 'Very Big Night' — If No Fraud (Newsmax/"Spicer & Co.")

By Luca Cacciatore | Tuesday, 08 November 2022 06:40 PM EST

Former President Donald Trump told Newsmax that Republicans will “have a very big night,” assuming there is not a massive amount of fraud in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Joining “Spicer & Co.,” the former president drew attention to voter machine issues in Maricopa County, Arizona, where about 20% of locations reported tabulation issues, which led to some individuals moving polling stations.

“I’m very concerned when I look at what’s going on in Arizona … the machines are breaking down, and the machines aren’t equipped properly. And they’re putting votes, I guess, into the machines, and the votes aren’t coming out — they’re not registering,” Trump explained.

“The lines are massive, and these are Republican areas, I guess, from what I’m hearing. This is very early,” the former president continued, adding that he was also worried about Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, extending voting hours after a paper ballot shortage.

Although Trump said that assuming “everything was fine” the election would be a huge victory for the Republican Party, the president also qualified it by stating he “wouldn’t make that assumption” as he does not “know what level they can cheat.”

Still, he predicted that Republicans could see a 51, 52, and even potentially 53-seat majority in the Senate. That’s a stark change from last month when Trump said it was much closer to a divided chamber.

“We have some people now that could happen. [GOP candidate Don] Bolduc could happen in New Hampshire. And I think [Arizona Republican] Blake Masters has a really good chance,” Trump stated, also noting Herschel Walker’s chances in the Georgia race.

Trump clarified why he did not announce his intent to run for president in 2024 on Monday night in Ohio, admitting that he wanted to but “didn’t want to take away from what’s happening today” in the elections.

“I just felt maybe it was better off doing it where it’s by itself a little bit, and it’s just a few days — actually one week, exactly one week later,” he confirmed. “We’re going to make a … statement that people are going to be very happy about.”


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