Why Is Biden Avoiding Battleground States 8 Days Before Vital Midterms?

Why Is Biden Avoiding Battleground States 8 Days Before Vital Midterms? (Newsmax)

By Jack Gournell | Monday, 31 October 2022 04:56 PM EDT

President Joe Biden's relatively light midterm campaign schedule has him completely avoiding battleground states that aided in his election two years ago.

Instead, the Daily Mail notes, with just more than a week before the final in-person votes are cast, Biden is focusing on Democratic strongholds that would normally be easy wins.

In some cases, candidates don't want to be seen with the current president. Inflation is the top concern of most voters, according to multiple polls, and it has dragged Biden's approval numbers down. Some hopefuls fear they'll be dragged down with him if voters see them on stage together.

Instead, former President Barack Obama, who remains popular with Democrats, has served as a campaign surrogate.

Also, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris produce a large "footprint" when showing up with required Secret Service protection and other White House staffers that are required to travel with them at all times. Nongovernment travel expenses must be reimbursed, so that can put a strain on campaigns as well.

The Wall Street Journal writes that since Sept. 1, Biden has visited only 6 of the 14 states with the most competitive races for U.S. Senate and governors, according to the Cook Political Report. Biden has not campaigned i, Nevada or Arizona at all, even though all three were critical to his 2020 presidential win.

He has made three campaign stops in New York and two in Maryland, but has been to Michigan and Wisconsin only one time apiece, the Journal noted. All four states are solid "blue" states with a few competitive races.

The only major battleground state he has gone to repeatedly is Pennsylvania — where he was born.

Biden is scheduled to be in the competitive state of Florida on Tuesday to campaign for Charlie Crist for governor and Val Demings for Senate. But both are down in the polls to incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio.

Biden lost the state in 2020 to former President Donald Trump.

He will be in Delaware, his current home state, on Monday, a traditionally blue state.

Obama will be the attraction on Tuesday in Nevada, on Wednesday in Arizona and on Saturday in Pennsylvania.

Republicans are seen as taking control of the House easily, but with a 50-50 Senate, those races, are seen as vital to controlling the president's agenda.

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