Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax: AG James Violating ‘American Way’ of Justice

Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax: AG James Violating 'American Way' of Justice donald trump

Former President Donald Trump (Ed Jones/Getty)

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 24 September 2022 12:24 PM EDT

Democrat Attorney General Letitia James is following Joseph Stalin's dictatorial playbook fulfilling her campaign promise to sue former President Donald Trump, legal expert Alan Dershowitz warned on Newsmax.

"Look, let's be very clear about this: If Donald Trump hadn't run for president and if he weren't running for president now, do you think she'd be doing this investigation?" Dershowitz asked on Saturday's "America Right Now." "She ran on the campaign of getting Trump. She wants to get Trump one way or another.

"It's much different, obviously, in degree to what Stalin and Lavrentiy Beria said to each other. You know Beria said to Stalin: Show me the man, and I'll find you the crime. This is an exact example of that. She went out to get him and then she looked for crimes.

"That's not the American way."

James did not find a crime she could prosecute criminally, but she was able to fulfill her campaign promise to sue Trump. However, Dershowitz told host Tom Basile there is just no victim in what she has alleged.

Dershowitz admitted "I don't know" who the victim in this lawsuit against Trump is.

"Certainly, it's not the big banks," Dershowitz told Basile. "They have an obligation: If somebody wants to sell me a house, and he says it's worth $1 million and Zillow says it's worth $500,000, it's my obligation to check what it's worth. Banks have enormous resources to be able to check.

"Takes the big case that Letitia James focuses on: 40 Wall Street. Trump says it's worth half a billion. She says it's worth only a quarter of a billion. It's an easy issue to assess. You go and do the square footage. You figure out how much square footage is selling for in Wall Street at this particular point in time, and you do your own evaluation."

Even if there might be a issue on the tax audit, the case would be "daunting" for the government to prove wrongdoing, Dershowitz added.

"We'll see where the facts come out, but again, nobody should ever be targeted based on the fact that they may be running for president," Dershowitz said. "That's just wrong, and it would be just as wrong if they targeted Joe Biden or if they had targeted Hillary Clinton."


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