Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax: Supreme Court Can End US ‘Racialization’

Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax: Supreme Court Can End US 'Racialization' a black lives matter protest with fire, destruction, and a racist holding an american flag upside down

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 08 October 2022 01:05 PM EDT

The Supreme Court's hearing the case on affirmative action might "finally and correctly" remove race as "a factor" in government decisions, according to legal expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax.

"First of all the affirmative action case goes beyond affirmative action: It may decide, finally and correctly, that race cannot be used as a factor by the government, even a factor," Dershowitz told Saturday's "America Right Now."

"It's like religion. The Constitution specifically says no religious test, and I think this case may really give rise to a strong statement against the racialization of America. That would be a very good thing."

Dershowitz also reiterated his concern over the weaponization of the criminal justice system against political opponents, as might unfold with prosecution of Hunter Biden or former President Donald Trump.

"I hate the weaponization of crime on either side," Dershowitz added to host Tom Basile. "I don't think people should be targeted because of who they are, whether it's Donald Trump or Hunter Biden. But, look, if the facts come out and support strongly a criminal prosecution, well, that's the way it has to be."

Notably, Trump might be rooting for Hunter Biden to not be charged, because charging Hunter Biden might just be a precursor to suggesting a political prosecution of President Joe Biden's political enemy can be justified, according to Dershowitz.

"The point I want to make, which is counterintuitive, is the man who should be rooting most strongly for Biden not to be indicted is Donald Trump, because if Hunter is charged, it increases the chances that the government could say, 'Well, look, we're not biased; we charged the son of the president, we certainly will charge the former president as well."

Dershowitz also weighed in on his lawsuit against CNN, who Trump has now also sued.

"CNN is entitled to their opinions, but they're not entitled to their facts," Dershowitz concluded. "They're not entitled to make up facts, and if they have a consistent pattern of making up facts, then I think that will go to a jury.

"And then, of course, and anybody's guess as to how a jury will decide the case."


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