Rubio’s leaving the door open to a 2024 run

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Andy Card: Starting Biden transition now is ‘critically important’

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As pundits parse the lessons from this year's contentious election, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., isn't saying no to a possible run for the White House in 2024.

Rubio lost to President Trump in his 2016 bid to secure the Republican nomination to run for president. On Tuesday he said that Trump would likely clear the field again if he needed to run for a comeback second term in 2024.


However, speaking to Axios, Rubio said the GOP base is shifting, and as a result, the party needs to re-establish its focus on working-class voters and veer away from touting big business.

"The future of the party is based on a multiethnic, multiracial working-class coalition," Rubio told the news outlet.

Rubio said Republicans support of the free market should reconfigure to recognize that "the free market exists to serve our people. Our people don't exist to serve the free market."

He also addressed the skepticism working-class people feel towards big businesses “that only care about how their shares are performing, even if it's based on moving production overseas for cheaper labor."

"They're very suspicious, quite frankly, dismissive of elites at every level," Rubio said. "And obviously, that's a powerful sentiment."


"We still have a very strong base in the party of donors and think tanks and intelligentsia from the right who are market fundamentalists, who accuse anyone who's not a market fundamentalist of being a socialist to some degree," Rubio said. "If the takeaway from all of them is now is the time to go back to sort of the traditional party of unfettered free trade, I think we're gonna lose the [Trump] base as quickly as we got it. … We can't just go back to being that," he added.

Rubio is among a long list of Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence and even Donald Trump Jr., who are expected to consider a run for the presidency, though on Wednesday the senator declined to comment on a 2024 bid for himself.

"We're not even through with 2020, there's a lot of other decisions to be made, so I haven't even — honestly guys, no one can even start thinking about things like that until some period of time has elapsed," said Rubio, who will soon campaign in Georgia for the two senate run-offs elections.


Fox News' Marisa Schultz contributed to this report.

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GettyImages 1228114077

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Evers compared the rising COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin to New York when the Empire State hit peak case levels in the spring. He noted there are now 25,000 new cases since last Friday and the crisis is urgent.

“I’m concerned about what this trajectory means for healthcare workers if we don’t get this virus under control,” the Wisconsin governor said. “Each day this virus goes unchecked is a setback for our economic recovery.”

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