Jon Voight to Newsmax: Trump’s ‘Abraham Accords’ Doc Reveals What MSM Won’t

Jon Voight to Newsmax: Trump's 'Abraham Accords' Doc Reveals What MSM Won't

(Newsmax/"The Count")

By Nick Koutsobinas | Saturday, 17 September 2022 08:03 PM EDT

Famed actor Jon Voight joined Newsmax Saturday to discuss his new documentary, "The Abraham Accords."

Voight told "The Count" of the Newsmax exclusive program that "it's a monumental event that is very little reported in the media. Of course, the mainstream media doesn't want to give any attention to Donald Trump at all. But it's a monumental event that happened that has brought peace and the possibility of peace — real peace to the Middle East — for the first time."

The special, which will air Sunday at 8 pm, brings an in-depth interview with President Donald Trump about the Abraham Accords.

Voight added that despite Trump's public image, for the special, "you're going to see me sitting down with a very different kind of man."

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