Trump: Dems ‘Been Trying for 6 Years’ to Get Me

Trump: Dems 'Been Trying for 6 Years' to Get Me (Newsmax/YouTube)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 17 September 2022 08:29 PM EDT

Former President Donald Trump taunted Democrats for "trying for six years to get me," and then told the crowd at his Save America rally in Youngstown, Ohio, "They haven't made it, and we're not going to let it happen."

Trump said, "Coming in, I noticed some of the factories, the old buildings, and I said, you know, 50 years ago that was something that was incredible." Trump told the rally, which aired live on Newsmax: "Now you look at them, and they're not looking too good. They're not looking too good. But we brought it back, and we brought it back strong, and now they're letting it go back to China and these other places. But everything changed six years ago when you finally got a president who put Ohio first and put America first."

But, Trump said, "from the moment I left my very luxurious and enjoyable life," the Democrats said, "let's go get this guy."

"They've been trying for six years," he said. "Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail to stop me because they know I will never be loyal to them because I will only be loyal to you and to our country."

He said that the "Washington swamp has put us through one monstrous witch hunt after another, including with the Russia-Mueller "scam, impeachments … prosecutorial abuse and restoration."

He said he thought the Jan. 6 committee's chase ended a few weeks ago when Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., lost "by a record number" but then, there was the "unprecedented weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI to break into and raid the home of a former president of the United States."

But those behind the witch hunts, he said, "have no shame, no morals, no conscience, and absolutely no respect for the citizens of our country."

"For six straight years, I've been harassed, investigated defamed, slandered, and persecuted like no other president and probably like no one in American history, yet all I have ever wanted, and all we've ever fought for, is to simply — very simply — make America great again," Trump said.

The investigators, he added, also go after his staff.

"They're sick," Trump said. "They go in and they take good people and they say you're going to jail for 10 years; you're going to jail for five years unless you say something bad about Trump.

"I can't believe how people don't want to do it. They don't want to do it because they are legitimate, and they see what's happening and they love our country."

He added: "Everyone associated with this travesty will go down in history as scoundrels and arsonists who tried to demolish our justice system, shatter our most sacred traditions, and wipe out the very foundations of our democracy for their own selfish partisan gain."


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