Trump: ‘Thugs, Tyrants’ Awakened a ‘Sleeping Giant’

Trump: 'Thugs, Tyrants' Awakened a 'Sleeping Giant'

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 17 September 2022 08:41 PM EDT

The "thugs and tyrants" attacking the MAGA movement have awakened a "sleeping giant," former President Donald Trump said during his Save America rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on Saturday night.

"They have no idea of the sleeping giant that they have awoken," Trump told the rally, which aired live on Newsmax. "The American people will never accept the corruption and the ruination of our beloved country, and that's what they want to do."

The Democrats' policies are "mad," he added, but Nov. 8, "we are going to vote in record numbers, and we are going to send these left-wing lunatics a message they cannot cancel, silence, or ignore all the abuse, all the smears, and all the attacks will not dissuade us. They will only make us stronger, much stronger. Much much stronger."

He pointed out that Democrats spied on his first campaign, but "nobody wants to do anything about it."

But, said Trump, "no matter what our sick and deranged political establishment throw at me, no matter what they do to me, I will endure their torment and oppression and I will do it very willingly. They will never get me to stop fighting for you, the American people. And I will never quit because the fate of our country is at stake."

He further attacked President Joe Biden for his speech in Philadelphia and the red backdrop that was used while he was talking.

"That was terrible," said Trump, "but that's where they're coming from. But you know what? We're strong and we're smart. We're smarter than them. We're stronger than them."

Further, Democrats "view 75 million Americans as enemies to be canceled and suppressed," said Trump. "They want to censor you from the internet, banish you from the public square, get you fired from your jobs, target you for destruction with 87,000 new IRS agents."

But, said Trump, "there's more enthusiasm right now than there has ever been for the rallies and for everything because you've seen what a horrible job they've done."


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