Megyn Kelly to Newsmax: Liberal Media Serves ‘Corporate Masters,’ Not Us

Megyn Kelly to Newsmax: Liberal Media Serves 'Corporate Masters,' Not Us Megyn Kelly to Newsmax: Liberal Media Serves 'Corporate Masters,' Not Us (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Eric Mack | Tuesday, 11 October 2022 09:10 PM EDT

Late-night television hosts' liberal activism is costing them viewers, but they do not care because they are there to just please their "corporate masters" – more than half the country be damned – former TV host Megyn Kelly tells Newsmax.

Kelly told Tuesday's "Eric Bolling The Balance" the hosts have "abandoned the right half of the country – and I include the center."

"You know the center is more right leaning just by virtue of how far left the left has gone right now," Kelly told host Eric Bolling. "So they've abandoned more than half the country. Their desire to inflame our tempers was greater than their desire to tickle our funny bones."

Kelly, once critical of former President Donald Trump herself when she was at Fox News during the 2016 presidential election cycle, now admits the media used an agenda against Trump.

"You know, they wanted the smattering of applause as tempers rose over the items that they were outlining and using to bash Trump more than they wanted to bring the country together and during a difficult time and give us a laugh," Kelly said.

"And now, just like with CNN, the country has abandoned them. The right half of the country would never watch these people."

Kelly said the mainstream late-night hosts "hate" the average American and will continue to do so, regardless of whether the country tunes them out.

"Nobody's watching," Kelly said, adding they are getting "more leftist, more ardent, more angry, more vehement, more hateful."

And more ignored, she said.

She also bashed more television talk shows for being scripted and "rehearsed," like Biden's quip against sending people that refuse to follow his agenda to Monopoly "jail."

"I've been on all these shows from 'The View' to every show you just showed, and they usually give you the questions in advance," Kelly said. "Joe Biden, that thing, 'They should go to jail,' guarantee you that was a total setup. He knew that was coming. That was his great line that was given to him either by the producers or his own team. It was all rehearsed."

Kelly said "The View" is also scripted.

"With me, I remember going on 'The View,' being like: 'What are you giving me the questions for? I'm a journalist. I can answer my own questions. You don't have to give me the questions in advance. Is this some weird test I need to ace with an A? Just throw them at me. We're good.'

"With all that stuff on those kinds of shows is rehearsed."

Primetime news talk shows on major networks are equally choreographed by puppet strings of liberal "corporate masters," according to Kelly.

"Same thing with the journalists," she said. "The journalists, too, who are at these organizations only get the pats on the head if they say the things that they know – for example, in the Jeff Zucker era of CNN – Jeff Zucker would like.

"That's why so many people are now getting fired because all those people submitted to his will. And now that there's new management they've made themselves unhirable, right?

"So there's a parallel course there, and that's one of the joys of being independent media these days is I don't care about access journalism. I couldn't give two figs whether any of these people ever comes on my show. Whether it's Biden or [Florida GOP Gov. Ron] DeSantis. I can say about them whatever I want, because I don't have to please any corporate masters."


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