Navarro to Newsmax: If Trump Insider Traded, He’d Be Charged

Navarro to Newsmax: If Trump Insider Traded, He'd Be Charged

(Newsmax/"American Agenda")

By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 14 September 2022 06:10 PM EDT

The FBI and Department of Justice are pulling a dragnet on former President Donald Trump and his close associates to extract any information they can from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, but they are not paying any attention to clear indications of possible insider trading by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of Congress, former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro told Newsmax.

"We got Pelosi and her husband and key Democrats making money off the backs of the American people in the stock market, based on insider information. So I would ask the FBI, the Department of Justice and everyone in between, 'Where the hell are the subpoenas there on insider trading?'" Navarro asked in his "American Agenda" appearance on Wednesday.
"If anybody in the Trump administration ever done anything like that, they would have been all over them."

On Wednesday, Pelosi, who was exposed in January for possible insider trading, told Newsmax that efforts to produce stock ban legislation for members of Congress were still ongoing.

"There's been discussion about it and this — just recently, this morning, actually, in the committee," the California Democrat told Newsmax's Kilmeny Duchardt at a Wednesday press conference. "We've been going back and forth and refining things and talking to members about what they think will work, and we believe we have a product that we can bring to the floor."

Navarro he equates Pelosi's apparent insider trading with an elitism that endows her to act negligently toward her constituents and outside the interest of the Justice Department's scrutiny.

Speaking on the "stagflationary" market, Navarro said, "People are getting killed; pensions funds are going to get hurt. And Nancy Pelosi and those frigging Democrats: How dare they! How dare they sit there and insider trade and make millions, so they can buy a house — a big mansion down on the beach — and get the hell out of San Francisco because it's a, it's a destroyed state.

"This," Navarro said, "this is the story."

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