Trump Says Those Seeking to ‘Destroy’ Him Will Fail Again

Trump Says Those Seeking to 'Destroy' Him Will Fail Again (Newsmax/YouTube)

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 04 September 2022 10:10 PM EDT

Denouncing the relentless attacks from Democrats and Republicans in name only (RINOs), former President Donald Trump predicted the latest round of "hoaxes and scams" will only ultimately prove he "did nothing wrong."

"So much talk, back and forth, including from my many patriotic 'defenders & supporters,' about our federal government working every seldom (or never used) rule and regulation in order to get and destroy, at any cost, President Donald J. Trump," the former president wrote on Truth Social on Sunday night.

"Same concepts, anger, and radical left maniacs and RINOs who have been working the system of hoaxes and scams ever since I came down the "golden escalator" in Trump Tower seven years ago.

"They also have the same problem, however – I DID NOTHING WRONG!!!"

Trump's remarks came one night after he returned to the Save America rally circuit, blasting President Joe Biden and his Justice Department for raiding the "hopes and dreams" of Make America Great Again Republicans in addition to his private residence at Mar-a-Lago.

"It was not just my home that was raided last month — it was the hopes and dreams of every citizen who I have been fighting for since the moment I came down the golden escalator in 2015, wanting to represent the people, wanting to stop the massive corruption in this country," Trump told the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania rally, which aired lived on Newsmax.

"The radical Democrats are engaging in a desperate attempt to keep me from returning to the White House, where they know I will clean this mess up again," Trump added. "They want to stop us from completing our mission to bring back American values."

Trump noted the raid was conducted "on a phony pretext" in order to deflect from Biden's struggles and the impending midterm elections.

"The Biden administration invaded the home of their chief political opponent, who is absolutely destroying him and everyone else in the polls — I hate to say it — even including the Republicans, but we love the Republicans," Trump said, noting the raid began only after "getting permission from a highly political magistrate, who they handpicked late in the evening, just days before the break in and trampled upon my rights and civil liberties."

Trump spoke to a raucous Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, crowd, stumping for his endorsed candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz for Senate and Doug Mastriano for governor in the state.

"It's impossible to explain how great the people last night were in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania," Trump wrote in a Save America PAC statement earlier Sunday on Truth Social. "The level of love they have for our country is both unbelievable and highly impressive — it is more than anyone would ever know.

"If the radical left lunatics that work so hard to destroy our country could just get a little bit of the love, energy, enthusiasm, spirit and patriotism that we witnessed last night, our country would go to the top of every list like a rocket ship."

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